HDMI KVM Switch – Tendak 4K HDMI 4 in 1 Out KVM Switch Box

HDMI KVM Switch – Tendak 4K HDMI 4 in 1 Out KVM Switch Box

HDMI KVM Switch – Tendak 4K HDMI 4 in 1 Out KVM Switch Box

Are you tired of constantly switching between multiple computers or game consoles? The Tendak 4K HDMI 4 in 1 Out KVM Switch Box is here to solve your problem. With this HDMI KVM switch, you can control up to four PC hosts or game consoles using just one monitor, keyboard, and mouse. Say goodbye to cluttered workstations and hello to convenience and efficiency.

Key Features

1. High-Quality Video

The Tendak HDMI KVM Switch supports HDMI 2.0 and HDCP 2.2 standards, ensuring a maximum data rate of 18Gbps and a pixel clock of 600MHz. It can handle resolutions up to 4Kx2K @60Hz, 3D, and 3840*2160@60Hz. With its HDMI interface, you can enjoy crystal-clear video quality on your monitor or HDTV.

2. Easy Switching

There are two ways to switch between the connected devices. You can either use the keys on the front panel of the switch or use the button extension cable for more convenience. No more hassle of manually plugging and unplugging cables.

3. Wide Compatibility

The Tendak HDMI KVM Switch is compatible with all laptops with HDMI ports and other devices such as PS4, PS4 Pro, PS4 Slim, Xbox One, and more. You can also connect your mouse or keyboard using the PS2 interface. The switch has a built-in equalization system to ensure a smooth and clear picture.

4. Easy to Use

Setting up the Tendak HDMI KVM Switch is a breeze. It’s a plug-and-play device, so you don’t need to install any driver software. It also has a built-in ESD electrostatic protection circuit to ensure the safety of your system.

5. Warranty and Package

We offer a 2-year guarantee on our products and provide 24-hour customer service. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us. The package includes 1 HDMI KVM 4 in 1 out switcher, 4 USB-B cables, 1 set of button extension cable and button module, 1 power wire, and 1 user manual. Please note that the HDMI cable is not included.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does the Tendak HDMI KVM Switch support keyboard hotkey switching?

A: No, the KVM switch does not support keyboard hotkey switching. However, it is compatible with a wide range of keyboards, mice, printers, and U disks.

Q: Can I use a wireless mouse and mechanical keyboard with the HDMI KVM Switch?

A: No, the HDMI KVM Switch does not support wireless mouse and mechanical keyboard. It is recommended to use wired peripherals for optimal performance.

Q: Does the HDMI KVM Switch save EDID?

A: No, the HDMI KVM Switch only exchanges EDID and does not save it. The application will be reset each time you switch input.


The Tendak 4K HDMI 4 in 1 Out KVM Switch Box is the perfect solution for those who need to control multiple computers or game consoles using a single monitor, keyboard, and mouse. With its high-quality video support, easy switching options, wide compatibility, and user-friendly design, it offers convenience and efficiency in one compact device. Get your Tendak HDMI KVM Switch now and simplify your workspace!