Bajaj Yellow Canopy Tricycle – Product Description

Bajaj Yellow Canopy Tricycle – Product Description

Bajaj Yellow Canopy Tricycle

Introducing the Bajaj Yellow Canopy Tricycle, a must-have product for your baby. This tricycle not only promotes independence but also enhances the mobility of your child. With its unique features and design, it guarantees safety and convenience for both the child and the parent.

Key Features

1. Removable Parent Handle

The tricycle comes with a removable parent handle, allowing parents to guide and control the tricycle when needed. This ensures the safety of the child and provides convenience for the parent.

2. Foot-Rest and Rear Bucket

For added comfort and storage, the tricycle is equipped with a foot-rest and a rear bucket. The foot-rest allows the child to relax their feet during the ride, while the rear bucket provides space for storing toys or other essentials.

3. Chunky Blow-Moulded Wheels

The tricycle features chunky blow-moulded wheels that provide extra stability and balance. This ensures a smooth and safe ride for your child, even on uneven surfaces.

4. Non-Slip Pedals and Soft Tread Wheels

To ensure a comfortable ride, the tricycle is designed with non-slip pedals and soft tread wheels. These features provide a secure grip and reduce the risk of accidents or slips.

Assembly and Specifications

The Bajaj Yellow Canopy Tricycle comes in a Semi-Knocked-Down (SKD) form, which means it requires some self-assembly. Adult or professional supervision is recommended for easy and proper assembly. The tricycle has a sturdy tubular frame and a long back support for added stability and comfort. It also comes with an easy grip adjustable/removable telescopic steering handle for easy maneuvering. Additionally, the tricycle includes a mat and stopper for added safety.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the recommended age for this tricycle?

A: The Bajaj Yellow Canopy Tricycle is suitable for children aged 2 to 5 years.

Q: Is the canopy removable?

A: Yes, the canopy is removable, allowing you to adjust it according to your preference or weather conditions.

Q: Can the parent handle be adjusted?

A: Yes, the parent handle is adjustable, providing comfort for parents of different heights.


The Bajaj Yellow Canopy Tricycle is the perfect product to enhance your child’s independence and mobility. With its safety features, convenient storage options, and comfortable design, it guarantees a fun and enjoyable ride for your little one. Get yours now and watch your child explore the world with confidence!